Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Profile of Evil by Alexa Grace

Profile of Evil is book #1 of the Profile Series.


In Profile of Evil, Carly Stone is a brilliant FBI agent who's seen more than her share of evil. Leaving the agency, she becomes a consultant for Indiana County Sheriff Brody Chase, who needs her profiling skills to catch an online sex predator luring preteen girls to their deaths in his county.

An undeniable attraction forms between the sheriff and his profiler, and they are unsure of how they feel about that. She's in Indiana to do a job. That's all. Once the killer is captured, she'll head home to Florida. They both vow to end the job with their hearts intact. But will the heat between them prove impossible to ignore?

As the body count increases, can the predator be stopped before he kills again? A life hangs in the balance, and the two rush to stop the most terrifying killer of their careers — and time is running out.


Having read all the books in the Deadly Series by Alexa Grace, I couldn't wait for the release of Profile of Evil and yes, I read it on release day!!

Alexa has a way of pulling you into the story with the characters.

I loved how she described Brody as being like Joe Manganiello, the actor from True Blood. I was like - YEAH!!!!

When he first meets Carly, had me laughing, and if you read the book, you'll see what I mean! The attraction between them is there straight from the start and only gets hotter, until Brody's brother speaks some home truths to him, and then there is no stopping him. Wow!

But with a sexual predicator out there..... I thought this was written really well, and obviously a lot of research had gone into this part of the story, which was slightly OMG - in places.  I will say it isn't really gruesome, so shouldn't put anyone off, just an excellent read which left me hungry for more of the story.

I am so looking forward to the other two books in this series which feature Brody's brothers!

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